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Oshan X7 by Changan – The Car of the Future

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Oshan X7 by Changan

Oshan X7 by Changan – The Car of the Future

Using technology from their future line of cars, Changan has released the Oshan X7 – the car of the future! Based on the popular Changan CS75, this updated vehicle has some new features that help it fit in with Changan’s future plan to replace all combustion engines with electric ones by 2040. The Oshan X7 has a top speed of 100 km/h and can travel an astonishing 350 kilometers on one battery charge, but still retains the CS75’s 2 litre turbo engine.

What do we know so far?

Oshan X7 is a mid-size MPV designed by China’s second largest car maker, Changan. At first glance, it looks like a minivan. It seems a little boxy and compact for a family vehicle. But really, it is more like a minivan than an SUV. After all, you wouldn’t call BMW’s 7 Series or Mercedes’ S Class an SUV even though they are bigger than most MPVs on sale.

How does it drive?

I haven’t had a chance to drive one yet, but I can tell you that I’m super impressed with its styling. With a longer wheelbase and bigger size than its predecessor, it seems like it would be perfect for commuting in heavy traffic. Instead of feeling claustrophobic with other cars surrounding you at close proximity, you get to sit higher up and look down on everyone else while getting great gas mileage!

What features should you expect?

Most cars on sale today rely on a mix of innovation and tradition. Most, for example, feature powerful internal combustion engines, while some are also available with hybrid powertrains or all-electric motors. Some have advanced technologies that help improve safety and efficiency. Others rely on tried-and-true methods to deliver their benefits. However, one car stands out from the rest—the Oshan X7 by Changan.

Expected price range

Rs. 16.0 Lakhs ~ Rs. 19.75 Lakhs This compact SUV is powered by a high-performance 2-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that churns out an impressive 173PS and 23kgm of torque and enables it to clock 0-100kmph in just 8 seconds! That’s nearly half a second faster than other SUVs in its class!

When will it be available in Pakistan?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to drive a car that has cutting-edge technologies? If yes, then you will be in for a treat when Changan’s new SUV is launched in Pakistan. Presently available in China, Japan and other Asian countries, Oshan X7 will be imported into Pakistan via CKD route. So, when can we expect it here? Your guess is as good as ours but we hope it will hit our markets soon.

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