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Toyota Legender Model 2022 Price in Pakistan

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Toyota Legender

Toyota Legender Model 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Legender model 2022 just recently made its debut in the Karachi Auto Show. It’s the second in a long line of eco-friendly vehicles that Toyota has produced since the millennium, and it looks great! But there’s one big question – what does the legender model 2022 price in Pakistan look like? We provide our readers with all the available details in this article, so read on to learn more about this exciting new vehicle!

The Exterior Design

Toyota FORTUNER 2022 - YouTube

Toyota’s design team says that it has put a lot of thought into perfecting future cars, specifically focusing on improving aerodynamics. The brand hopes to bring production cars more in line with concept designs, making for sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing driving experiences.

The Interior Design

Toyota Fortuner 2022 Price in Pakistan

At first glance, you can see that there is not much difference between a Yaris hatchback and a Yaris Liftback. However, if you take a closer look at its interior design, you will see that it comes with clean lines and spacious interior. You will also find that it has well-planned center console. In short, it’s well-designed for your everyday comfort.

The Engine and Transmission Details

2022 Toyota Fortuner, Legender Price Increased By Up To Rs 1.10 Lakh

Toyota has finally revealed details of its next-generation sport utility vehicle, LEGENDER. The company has released teaser images of its SUV 2020 model ahead of a full reveal slated for January 15, 2019. The Toyota LEGENDER model will offer an output of up to 335 kW (445 hp). In addition, 0-62 mph acceleration is expected to take 4.3 seconds from a 2.0-liter twin turbo engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Safety, Comfort & Convenience Features

The Toyota legender model 2022 sports a number of safety features that not only protect you from accident and injuries but also make your ride more comfortable. The first and foremost feature is ABS brakes which are very essential when it comes to driving on slippery roads. It is equipp with airbags to protect passengers from accidents. Moreover, for added convenience, it has power windows and keyless entry system for both doors and trunk.

Special Features

Automatic Start/Stop, Push Button Ignition, Touchscreen Infotainment System. etc.

The Ultimate Truck?

From a distance, Toyota’s new Mirai—the Japanese word for future—may seem like any other fuel-cell vehicle. But get closer and it becomes clear that its design is entirely futuristic. With bony, asymmetrical headlights that stretch from edge to edge of its hood, a grillless front end, tinted windows that almost disappear into their surroundings, and all sorts of antennas protruding from its sides, it looks more like a time machine or spaceship than an SUV.

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