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UNI K Launches New Car

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UNI K Launches New Car

UNI K Launches New Car

UNI K, the automobile manufacturer in Pakistan, has recently announced the launch of their newest car, the UNI K 360 AutoX. The new car is currently available for purchase in 2 colors, white and black, and in 5 variants. Each variant offers different levels of luxury and trim from basic to premium options such as leather seats and sunroofs.

What Makes UNI K Different


Quality. At UNI K, we focus on quality over quantity. That’s why we employ a strict screening process and only handpick new cars that meet our high standards of excellence. Our rigorous inspection process ensures only top-notch vehicles with stellar performance get through, which is why our clients are so loyal to us.

What is the Exterior Design Like?

With its wide, flat grille and thin headlights, UNI K’s NOSHI sports car looks like something straight out of a video game. But it offers enough room for four passengers (and luggage!) along with all of today’s modern conveniences—like infotainment systems and wireless-charging capabilities. It has an impressive range of 800 km, too! This is definitely a family favorite.

How Does It Performs On Roads?

The UNI K is claimed to be a sports sedan and was designed to make driving easier, more enjoyable and less stressful. The car manufacturer made sure to include enough electronic safety features so that drivers can always feel in control of their ride. The vehicle promises ease of use and a good overall design, despite its small size.

What are the Features Included?

Many Pakistani motor enthusiasts believe that UNI K’s cars have enough features to make them suitable for Pakistani roads. Among these features is a digital speedometer, automatic climate control, and ABS brakes. The company has also promised airbags and air conditioning in their next car. Their most recent model, UNIK GO, comes with power steering as well as keyless entry; however, it lacks both airbags and air conditioning. Both models come with automatic transmissions, which is rare among Pakistan’s auto industry.

How much is it?

The UNI K is priced at 7.8 million rupees ($81,720). An additional 1.7 million rupees ($18,268) can get you some additional features including a sunroof and keyless entry. The car has a three-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty (whichever comes first), while parts are covered for 10 years or 140,000 kilometers.

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